Father's Day Fun!

Dad's are rather special! But when it comes to gifts, they don't always do that well. If you think your dad deserves something a bit more special than socks, ties or a pair of pants, then we might just have a handmade creation that is sure to bring a smile! With Father's day just around the corner we decided to make some amusing food art to show how much we love our dads! And who doesn't appreciate a handmade gift?

Your dad may be your hero, Super Dad! We created this with him in mind. Made from red and yellow peppers, carrots and mushrooms. We chopped peppers into strips and also finely shopped some pieces too. The stars are cut from yellow peppers and mushrooms. And the lettering is cut from carrots. 

If your dad has a large collection of ties, then maybe this plate would be perfect for him. Made using red and yellow peppers, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms and black olives. The letters are cut from carrots. The ties are cut from red and yellow peppers, carrots, and mushrooms. They have been decorated with strips of cucumber, black olives, and red pepper stars. 

Maybe your dad likes to spend time in just his pants! Made using tortilla, mushrooms, carrots, yellow peppers and cucumber. We cut out the base of the pants from tortilla. Decorated with carrot and cucumber stars. The letters are carrot and mushroom and the large stars are cut from yellow peppers.  

We did use letter cutters and some shape cutters too, these can be found online or in wonderful shops like Lakeland! 

We think that it's highly unlikely that your dad will ever have been given a handmade gift like this. It's much more fun that shopping for socks, pants and ties! It's bound to raise more of a smile too :)

You can be as creative as you like. Use our ideas for inspiration and get crafting something perfect for your pappa!

We love to see what our Mini Makers have been up to, remember to photograph some pictures of your creations and share them on our Facebook page. You might just win a little prize!